Our Services

Big Dog Demolition provides both residential and commercial demolition and hauling services throughout the Bay Area.  We are a full service demolition company and we deliver the highest standard of service at the best competitive prices in the Bay Area. Our commitment to our customers is to provide no less than excellence in our work and our service.


Having to completely remove your building or home structure is a tough decision to make, but when building is simply too old, or the structure itself is deemed uninhabitable and construction on the standing structure simply would not suffice, demolition is the right choice. We perform both total and partial residential and commercial demolition. Partial demolition includes interior gutting, decks, fences, patios, driveways, outbuildings, and landscaping. We also provide trenching, excavation, and Bobcat services. Call us and our demolition experts will inspect the entire area where you want the demolition to take place and give you a free estimate.


Deconstruction is the process of carefully dismantling a building and salvaging all possible materials for donation, reuse or recycling. Deconstruction is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional demolition with many benefits to homeowners, property owners, general contractors, and architects.  Some of these benefits include lower disposal fees, tax deductions and protects the landfills from unnecessary waste.

Grading Service

If you are experiencing slopping or uneven floors, doors that no longer open or close properly, walls separating from the building or cracks in the interior or exterior finish, then your home or office building is suffering from foundation damage. Foundation damage can be caused by poor drainage, sewer or water leaks, insufficient ventilation resulting in a crawlspace with high humidity, and moisture changes in the soil. At Big Dog we will inspect your home, evulate the issues and inform you of our recommended solutions. 

Debris Hauling and Clean Up

At Big Dog we specializing in junk and debris removal and construction site cleanup.  We have the trucks and equipment to remove any amount of junk, trash, yard waste, and construction debris. We recycle, reuse, and donate as much as possible and our goal is to keep 80%-100% of the debris out of the landfill. We promise you that we will give you a fast, efficient and hassle free experience!

Swimming Pool Removal

Maintaining a pool is very time consuming, exhausting  expensive. and in California with its ongoing droughts, conserving water has become a priority. Past droughts have also left many pools in poor condition due to owners neglect to consistently maintain them. If your pool is in poor condition, your home can lose value.  Big Dog offers complete and partial pool demolition. We also remove jacuzzis, spas, sheds and hot tubs. 

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